Tips for travelling with a weaning baby 

The weather is getting warmer (we hope!), pandemic restrictions are listed for the most part here in the UK and the joy of the open road is calling! Well even if this isn’t the case and you prefer to stay closer to home, it’s often good to enjoy some adventure time with your little one – whether a flight to somewhere further afield or just a day trip with friends.   We hope our tips below give you the confidence to pack a ‘weaning bag’ and enjoy your weaning journey in a different environment!

First up, we know it’s not the easiest thing to think about travelling when it’s so much simpler to stay at home.  In your own domain you have everything in reach, you have your routine (or lack of one!) or you’ve got the familiarity that comes with being in your own space.  Sometimes, however, travelling with a weaning baby is easier than navigating a journey with toddlers running in different directions, either way – we are sure you’re doing great!

What to take

A wonderful investment is a changing bag with loads of compartments which force you to get organised!  You can create some great distraction and also comfort, with travel toys.  They needn’t be anything pre-loved or precious if you are nervous about ‘favourite ted’ going missing. Stick to a few soft toys which are easy to grip and also cuddle and don’t need your undivided attention, if you’re perhaps travelling by car.  Your baby will also get to benefit from some sensory play and build co-ordination and motor-skills whilst you travel with different tactile offerings.   

As well as food for baby, you’ll need to think about reusable wipes, nappy sacks or zip-lock bags to double up for disposal, wipe-clean bibs, cutlery, and a bowl.   You can be safe in the knowledge that our baby food pouches won’t leak or split in your bag, offering the convenience over home-made baby foods or jars where the lids may come loose.  

If you’ve always made your own food don’t be afraid to try ‘shop bought’. Our recipes are created by our founder Sadia, who wanted her young son to experience foods from different cultures. She uses includes organic and meat-free options to suit different lifestyles.  Weaning when travelling or away from your own kitchen can be daunting, so take the pressure off and don’t worry about something being ready-made.  

Our organic pouches are also quick and easy to dispense with no worries about leakage, if you don’t get through a whole pouch in one sitting they can be easily sealed for later and served either warmed up or cold for extra convenience. 

We’re huge fans of travel and believe getting out and about is just brilliant for children’s educational and emotional development  – our food is inspired by world flavours so you will never need to compromise on taste or flavour while on the move.  We truly believe that quick and easy nourishment on- the-go should never be bland!

Your weaning journey should be as exciting as any other, so do what makes you feel in control.  Not every venue puts details on line, so don’t be afraid to call ahead to your location to find out about the food choices and baby facilities at the venue, or nearby. 

Give yourself a break

The food your baby eats now can impact how fussy they may be later in life.  Babies who are able to explore a wide variety of tastes and flavours may be less picky than those that haven’t been able to get stuck into some diversity of flavours and textures – why not consider your time away from home as a good time to explore some new taste sensations.    Don’t worry about the mess, that’s what you packed you baby wipes for!  Babies learn from getting tactile with their food – and rather like travel overall – a bit of exploration is how they learn!

As always if you have any concerns about your baby’s weaning journey then reach out to your health visitor or GP for advice.

We would love to see your travel adventures  – however far flung or close to home.   Share your photos via tagging us on socials – you can follow us on Instagram at @oliverscupboard.

Bon voyage!