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All allergens are clearly highlighted in BOLD in the ingredients list on the back of our packs. For our recipes that contain lentils we state “may contain traces of gluten” as the harvesting process of lentils cannot exclude the small possibility that traces of wheat may be present. None of our recipes contain nuts, and they are all made in a nut, peanut and sesame-free environment.

Our foods are made to be eaten and enjoyed fresh from the pouch. They can be eaten straight from the pouch onto a spoon, or gently warmed by heating the pouch in a bowl of hot water. Once a pouch has been opened, it should be consumed immediately and any uneaten food disposed of. Any food that has been heated must not be reheated, and any uneaten food must be disposed of.

We never add any refined or added sugar in any form to our pouches.

Why is there sugar in Babyfood?

Refined sugars are actually not allowed to be added to any babyfood under current Laws. All our recipes contain 100% natural ingredients, with nothing extra or hidden added. The sugars present in our pouches are naturally occurring and come from the vegetables we use , and we clearly say this on our packs. Babies have a natural tendency towards sweeter foods, and you can sometimes see babyfoods that use fruits within savoury recipes to make a savoury recipe taste sweeter. Oliver’s cupboard does not believe in using fruit in our savoury recipes, as we want babies to learn and love the taste of real food without unnecessary sugar that only increases calories and can lead to fussy eating at a later stage.

Safety in our products

We work closely with dieticians and baby food experts to ensure we are always working with the latest research and guidelines on the best nutrition for babies, and make sure all our recipes meet all legal requirements.

We only work with suppliers who operate to the very highest food safety standards. Our baby food producer is certified to a food safety standard at the highest level, so you can trust that our foods are created and produced with the utmost care for your baby’s health and enjoyment.

The health and wellbeing of babies is core to what we do, and we strive to ensure our foods contain nothing extra, while tasting as good as possible.

We wanted to create recipes to celebrate our multicultural and diverse world.

Each recipe is lovingly creative using foods and flavour inspirations from different parts of the world. Oliver’s Cupboard believes everyone can nurture their families in a way that works for them, and we believe that diversity is a fact and inclusivity is an action. We wanted to create a brand that is inclusive and represents all parents through our recipes and our brand values.

As with refined sugars, salt is not allowed to be added to any babyfood under current Laws. Any salt declared in our nutrition is from the naturally-occurring levels in the ingredients we use. However babies like tasty food too! So we ensure our food tastes as good as possible by using herbs and gentle spices to stimulate their tastebuds and make our foods yummy and flavoursome!

At Oliver’s Cupboard, we are proud to say that we use absolutely no palm oil in any of our products.

Our specially designed pouches keep our food safe and fresh without the use of any preservatives and have a lower carbon footprint than glass or other alternatives.

But like all pouches of this kind they can’t currently be recycled through your household recycling.

That is why we have partnered with @enval to use their closed loop recycling technology so that we can recycle 100% of our pouches. Please contact us on [email protected] and we will send you some free prepaid recycling bags, you can put 20 of your empty pouches in the bag to recycle.

We feel passionately that babies should have the best start in life and, when it comes to the food they eat, there should be no compromise on quality. With that in mind, our recipes are created using a variety of organic vegetables, fruits and fish that are fully certified by Ecocert who have been committed to organic farming methods for nearly 30 years. Ecocert’s strict standards enable processes that respect the environment, manage natural resources (water, air, soil, fertility) and promote ecological balance, whilst conserving biodiversity and promoting the use of socially responsible practices around the world.

All our baby foods are created in premises certified to Ecocert standards, and our recipes are further approved by the Organic Farmers & Growers Organic standards in the UK. Organic farming methods give you peace of mind that the ingredients are free from pesticides, chemical fertilisers, artificial chemicals and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), so you can trust that you are feeding your baby the very best quality food.

Our recipes that contain chicken cannot currently say 100% Organic as the chicken is Halal and not organic, but within these recipes, all of the other ingredients used are Organic, so these recipes state the % of Organic ingredients used, which is typically 88%.

Here at Oliver’s Cupboard, we lovingly create foods for your baby using 100% Halal certified meat and poultry. We use the finest quality organic ingredients and combine with Halal meat and poultry in some recipes to offer choice, inclusion and diversity for families.

Our foods are guaranteed Halal every step of the way and are certified by HQC. They are ranked around the world as the most trusted Halal certification organisation, so you can be assured of the authenticity of our Halal recipes. We care about the welfare of animals and work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all standards for animal welfare meet all regulatory requirements. We can also guarantee that our Halal meat and poultry is fed with GMO-free feed, thereby complementing the high organic standards of all of our other ingredients, giving you peace of mind.

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